Document Scanning Software
FileCenter Scan is a simple and reliable way to get documents and photos onto your Windows computer. Quickly turn those stacks of paper and photos into digital files.
Works with most scanners Works with any Windows TWAIN-compatible scanner as well as the popular ScanSnap scanners.
Scan to PDF Scan your documents and photos to the industry-standard PDF format or digital photo formats like JPEG.
Rapid scanning profiles Save the scanning options you use most as Profiles. Then enjoy scanning that's as quick as selecting a profile.
Editing and cleanup tools Clean up your scans with one-click tools like deskew, despeckle, crop, invert, rotate and more.
Easy to install, learn & use With a simple, intuitive interface and well-designed features, you'll be up and running in no time.
Perfect for storing and sharing Make your important documents and printed photos safe by getting them onto your computer. Then easily share, email, or upload them to others.
Document Scanning

Effortless document scanning

Let's face it, scanning is a chore. Or at least, was a chore. Introducing FileCenter Scan, the streamlined way to get documents on your computer.

FileCenter Scan offers fine-tuned features that have been streamlined by years of user feedback into an elegant, simple tool that will make scanning a pleasure.

Scan to PDF

PDF has become the de-facto standard for scanned documents. Normally, converting scans to PDF requires specialized software. With FileCenter Scan, on the other hand, your documents will come in as PDFs automatically – no extra steps required.

Photo Scanning

Documents aren't the only paper that needs to be scanned. Use FileCenter Scan to turn those stacks of precious memories into digital photos that you can share with loved ones or archive against loss.

Helpful Features

Extra features to make scanning easier

Some scanning tasks used to cause trouble, like adding pages to a scan or fixing poor images.

FileCenter Scan understands the pain points and provides extra features to smooth out the scanning process.

Multiple pages? No problem.

FileCenter Scan excels at scanning multi-page documents, whether you're scanning double-sided sheets or needing to scan a book or magazine one page at a time.

Powerful Cleanup and Editing

One-click cleanup tools can fix many problems with your scanned documents. And powerful editing tools make you the master of your results.

Scanning Profiles

Different documents require different settings. To streamline quick changes, scanning profiles let you instantly scan in any number of different configurations.

Scan to File

For the most rapid scanning available, skip the visuals altogether and scan straight to file. Browse where you want the document or photo saved and hit Scan. The scan will be stored directly.

How about a scanner with that?

While FileCenter Scan works with most Windows scanners, we offer a selection of Canon scanners that have been battle-tested with FileCenter scan. And we offer them at the best prices you'll find anywhere.

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